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Interactive Cat Toy
Interactive Cat Toy
Interactive Cat Toy

Interactive Cat Toy

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As owners of cats, we often forget that cats shouldn't stay indoors! In their natural habitat, they are the ultimate hunters! Their days will include tracking prey, chasing prey... Maybe take a nap occasionally! However, it has now been domesticated, and this has been completed 180 degrees!

We know that keeping your kitten indoors is good for its health. In doing so, however, your baby misses the key to a healthy and happy life. Because at home, their hunting instincts were stimulated in the long run. This can lead to long-term problems such as depression, obesity, diabetes... In some cases even death.

EasyCat's action mouse, however, eliminated all these concerns. This toy provides endless fun for your baby.

Real furry mouse, give your cat the most authentic hunting experience (without this mess!)

Hours rat chase fun, maintain your cat health, health and mental stimulation

Solid, durable design, no batteries, just your cat in front of it, watch your baby!

Material: plastic

Size: 6.5 cm * 25 cm

  • Product Name : Cat Catch

  • Weight: 0.4KG

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