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Pet Electric Clipper
Pet Electric Clipper
Pet Electric Clipper
Pet Electric Clipper

Pet Electric Clipper

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Product information:
Name: Pet Scissors
Specification: XH-2088
Suitable for dog breeds: small dogs
Range of use: whole body shaving
Accessories: including accessories: 3/6mm comb, 9/12mm comb, battery, lubricant, cleaning brush
Regarding combing: combing can be used to adjust the length of the push,
3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 4 types can be left
Product Manual:
Blade material: ceramic upper blade, imported high-strength stainless steel fine teeth under the blade to prevent the pet's skin from being pinched

After use:
The cut hair debris and the solidification of the oil will hinder the movement and sharpness of the hair clipper. The edges and gaps of the upper and lower blades are easy to hide debris. Disassembly and disassembly of the blade: hold the handle with your right hand, hold the blade with your left hand, and place the thumb of your left hand on the combined blade of the white blade and metal blade to separate from the handle
Separate the blade: press the small button in the center of the blade (must be light) to separate the ceramic blade from the metal blade
Cleaning the hair: Use a small brush to clean the hair and debris in the blade and installation slot (blow gently with a hair dryer)

Lubricating oil:
After cleaning, install the cutter head, turn on the electric push head, and put a drop or two of lubricating oil between the blades for maintenance.
Special reminder: In order to maintain product performance for a long time, please read the "Product Manual" in detail
When installing and disassembling the electric clipper, be sure to turn off the power switch, otherwise it will be easy to cut
Do not disassemble, clean or place this product in a damp place without authorization, do not plug (unplug) the plug with wet hands
Turn off the power after use, apply some lubricating oil and anti-rust oil on the upper and lower blades, and wipe off the lubricating oil next time

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Pet Electric Clipper

Pet Electric Clipper

Pet Electric Clipper

Pet Electric Clipper

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