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Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears
Pet Grooming Shears

Pet Grooming Shears

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[Name] Pet care set Electric local hair trimmer Electric nail polisher
[Suitable for dog breeds] Small and medium-sized dogs, cats, and pets with infrequent exercise and long nails
【color: White
[Product composition] Hair trimmer, nail polisher replacement head, lubricant, small brush
[Product description] Hair trimming device: special for repairing pet's face and feet
           Nail polisher: The removable nail polisher has two openings, big dogs use large faces and small dogs use small faces;
            Sandstone material is strong and durable, making nails neat and smooth
           Switch between the two: remove the blade of the electric clipper and replace it with a nail sharpener
           Tool head material: Ultra-precision machining of fixed-tooth fixed knife with ceramic moving knife
           Precision fine teeth: 27MM fine tooth spacing 0.8mm, excellent shear force
           Disassembly of the cutter head: the cutter head can be disassembled, the disassembly is convenient, and the cleaning is easy
           Appearance design: elegant bright surface, comfortable feel
           Noise situation: low vibration, low noise design
           Battery type: alkaline dry battery (2 AA batteries)
           Motor condition: 2.4V powerful long-life motor
[Nail polisher] Open the battery cover and insert 2 AA batteries (this product does not include batteries)
           Hold your pet's paw with your thumb and forefinger, gently put your pet's nails into the nail polish hole, and start repairing
           The time of each manicure should not be too long. Pay attention to the pet's reaction.
           For the first time, use a nail polisher on your pet and just rub off the tip or too long of it.
           Don't grind too deep, let it slowly adapt
           Electric nail polisher is easy to use, it will not hurt them when trimming nails, it can give pets better manicure enjoyment
           Never worry about pets being injured due to mischief or tension while cutting with pets,
           Eliminate the need to use a file to slowly round out the rough edges or sharp edges
           This product is especially suitable for medium and large dogs with thick nails, timid or particularly active pets.
           Only one person is required to operate, no professional guidance is required
[Hair trimmer] Before use: first bathe, dry and smooth the hair for the pet
           (Longer hair can be cut short first), can prolong the service life of the cutter head
           After use: The cut hair fragments and the solidification of the oil will hinder the movement of the clippers and
            Sharpness. The cutting edges and gaps of the upper and lower blades are easy to hide debris
           Hair cleaning: Use a small brush to clean the hair and sundries in the blade and the installation slot (can be blown gently with a hairdryer)
           Drop of lubricant: Install the cutter head after cleaning, turn on the electric pusher and drop one or two drops of lubricant between the blades for maintenance
            Reduces dry friction between blades
[Laiwang Reminder] To install and remove the electric push scissors head, be sure to turn off the power switch, otherwise it is easy to be cut.
           After use, cut off the power and apply some lubricating and antirust oil to the upper and lower blades.
           Do not wash nail sharpeners or blades with water
           Don't use it to grind human nails, otherwise it may damage your nails
           Remove the battery if it is not used for a long time

           In order to maintain product performance for a long time, please read the "Product Manual" in detail Pet Grooming Shears Pet Grooming Shears

Pet Grooming Shears

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